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HSE Processes 

HSE Processes 

Some examples of HSE processes taken from various points in the supply chain are shown below and exemplify Solvay’s commitment to safety and health.

Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOPS)
A HAZOP is a systematic examination of a production process (through the use of detailed process diagrams) that evaluates potential problems that present risk to personnel, equipment or an efficient operation.  It usually employs a multi-disciplined team of production and maintenance personnel, process engineers and other experts.  Results of a HAZOP are most often used to identify and prioritize process safety improvement measures.

Management of Change Processes (MOC Process)
An MOC process is another tool  used in industry to carefully analyze and prepare for production process changes before they are made.  Among other things, it enables production facilities to identify and complete the necessary changes to operating procedures, maintenance practices, training programs, job descriptions and even emergency response procedures before the process change is made.
Logistics Vendor Management Program
The Solvay Chemicals logistics vendor management program uses a series of survey and audit tools to help ensure the contractors that transport and store our products have health and safety, security, environmental and quality programs in place to effectively manage the hazards and risks associated with their activities.

Customer and Emergency Responder Training Programs
Solvay Chemicals has developed product specific safety training tools (videos, safety and handling brochures, etc.) for many of our hazardous products.  These are available to customers and the emergency response communities that serve them free of charge.  In some instances, Solvay Chemicals also offers on-site customer training programs provided by a product expert.


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