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SOLKANE® Countdown Starts Today! 

SOLKANE® 365APRIL 01, 2012 - Today starts the countdown to Freedom of Choice over foaming agent options. On April 01, 2013, Solvay will begin selling its SOLKANE® 365 foaming agent to customers in the United States.

“We’ve heard loudly and repeatedly from our US customers,” commented Lisa Norton, Solvay Fluorides Sales & Development Mgr., US. “And they’re demanding greater choice and more freedom over their foaming agent options.”

 As part of the year-long countdown, Solvay has created a Countdown Calendar planning aid for its customers. Click here for more on how to get your SOLKANE ® foaming agent countdown calendar.


The use of Solkane® 365mfc and of blends containing Solkane® 365mfc may fall within the scope of U.S. patent 5,496,866. Accordingly,until this patent expires on March 5, 2013: (1) Solkane® 365mfc must not be used in the USA, by itself or in a blend, as a blowing agent to foam a plastic based on an isocyanate to form a plastic foam composition; (2) Solkane® 365mfc and blends containing Solkane® 365mfc must not be made, used, offered for sale, or sold in the USA, or imported into the USA, for any such blowing use; and (3) a closed cell plastic foam composition prepared by foaming a plastic material based on an isocyanate in the presence of a propellant comprising Solkane® 365mfc and/or a blend containing Solkane® 365mfc, must not be made, used, offered for sale, or sold, within the USA, or imported into the USA. To do so could result in a claim of infringement of this patent. Solvay will not sell Solkane® 365mfc or blends containing Solkane® 365mfc to any purchaser intending to use this product as described above.






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