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Solvay Chemicals' products deliver a broad range of solutions across three main chemistries.


Fluorine-based Solutions
Fluorine Solutions

Solvay’s portfolio of fluorine products are at the forefront of many critical applications. From uses in the intricate etching of semiconductors to CFC alternatives in metered-dose pharmaceutical inhalers, Solvay delivers fluorine solutions with high-performance profile.

    Peroxygen-based Solutions
    Peroxygen Solutions

    The leading North American supplier of peroxygen-based products to traditional industrial consumers – pulp and paper, texile and chemical manufacturing industries – Solvay also serves leading applications, including aerospace, semiconductor and consumer electronics among others.

    Sodium-based Solutions
    Sodium Solutions

    At the heart of Essential Chemical’s sodium operations in Green River, Wyoming, Solvay delivers with the world’s most sustainable plant operating in the world’s largest natural deposit of trona, the mineral used in making sodium products.


    Specialty Solutions
    Specialty Solutions

    Solvay Chemicals in the US also delivers additional solutions via its affiliates and Solvay-branded partners outside North America.




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