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Soda Ash 

Soda Ash 

Soda ash delivers the foundational properties glass manufacturers the world over rely upon when supplying the expanding needs and demands of their customers in automotive, residential and commercial construction.

Soda ash also delivers for such diverse customers as pollution control suppliers looking to treat emissions and improve water quality, as well as consumer manufacturers producing food and beverage sweeteners.

Consumer, Cosmetics, Personal Care
Household detergents and toiletries

Food, Beverage & Packaging 
Leavening agent and stabilizer, effervescents, food colorant, corn syrup and sweetener agent

Glass Manufacturing
Fiberglass insulation, containers and flat glass for housing, commercial buildings and automotive design and manufacturing

Water and wastewater treatment, desulfurization and pollution control

Exporting Solvay Soda Ash from the Texas Gulf Coast
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List Price (All prices are FOB Green River, Wyoming)
Bulk - $289.00 per ton
50 lb. bags - $354.00 per ton
100 lb. bags - $344.00 per ton
Bulk bags - $344.00 per ton

Energy Surcharge Program
Quarterly surcharge adjustments will be based on a rolling three month forward average of the NYMEX Henry Hub Index for natural gas as of the 15th day of the month preceding each calendar quarter. If the 15th day falls on a weekend or holiday, the close on the next trading day will be used for this calculation. The surcharge will be assessed as per the following schedule:

NYMEX Value Energy Surcharge 
Less than $5.00 per MM Btu $0.00 per ton
$5.00 - $5.99 per MM Btu $1.50 per ton
$6.00 - $6.99 per MM Btu $3.00 per ton
$7.00 - $7.99 per MM Btu $4.50 per ton

Should the NYMEX value exceed $7.99 per MM Btu, the surcharge will thereafter increase $1.50 per ton for each $1.00 per MM Btu incremental change in the NYMEX price for natural gas. 

The June 15th, three month forward average for natural gas NYMEX futures closed at $2.918 per MM BTU. Therefore, our 3rd quarter 2015 soda ash energy surcharge (ESC) will be set at $0.00 per ton.


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