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Water & Wastewater Treatment 

Solvay delivers on helping its customers preserve one of life's most vital resources -- water.

Barium Hydroxide and Barium Chloride
Barium hydroxide and barium chloride deliver when used to remove soluble sulfate from industrial and municipal wastewater.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide delivers in a variety of water treatment applications, including:

  • Improved dewatering of recovered sludge.
  • Control of sulfide odors.
  • Replenishment of dissolved oxygen of effluents.
  • Reduction of BOD/COD in ponds and lagoons.
  • Degradation of organic materials in effluents.
  • Reduction of cyanide from gold mine effluents.
  • Treatment of residual chlorine in effluents.
  • Treatment of condensed steam from geothermal power plants.
  • Shock treatment in non-chlorine pools.
  • Destruction of contaminants by chemical oxidation.

IXPER® Calcium Peroxide
IXPER® Calcium Peroxide Granules, added to bodies of water, slowly deliver oxygen for the treatment of sediments.

Proxitane® WW-12 Peracetic Acid
Proxitane WW-12 peracetic acid is an EPA-registered alternative to conventional wastewater disinfection, delivering for a variety of US wastewater treatment plants.

PAK® 27 Algaecide
PAK 27 (sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate) delivers as an environmentally-friendly algaecide targeting blue-green algae.

Soda Ash
Soda ash delivers as a treatment for toxic or refractory wastewaters, where it neutralizes acid waste streams. Soda ash also delivers to purify and soften water, adjusting pH levels to make water less corrosive, thus reducing pipeline scaling.

Sodium Bicarbonate
In municipalities, BICAR® Sodium Bicarbonate delivers as an excellent buffering agent and a good source of alkalinity. In swimming pools, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acidity in order to adjust the pH.

Sodium Fluoride
In drinking water, sodium fluoride delivers when used as a source of fluoridation.

Sodium Percarbonate
Sodium percarbonate delivers when used for shock treatment in non-chlorine swimming pools.

Sodium Sulfite
Sodium sulfite is used by municipalities and the paper industry, delivering as a dechlorination agent.

Sodium Sulfide, Sodium Hydrosulfide & Sodium Tetrasulfide
Sulfide derivatives of sodium deliver when used to remove heavy metals from industrial, municipal and mine wastewaters.

Trona delivers as a pH buffer when used in treatment ponds.


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